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You're not here by chance. Something has led you to make a change in your life. You're sick and tired of the old ways and you're ready to take action to find your new self. So what was it?

  • Do you feel stuck in the daily 9-5 hustle of a job that is nothing more than a paycheck?
  • Are you fed up with trying to lose weight but never being able to do so?
  • Does it feel like everyone around you is passing you by while you stay in the same place, in the same job, with the same problems?

It is time to completely turn your life around in 8 weeks! Imagine what your new life would look like. You would have established goals, be more confident, and YOU would be the one in control of where your life goes.

Redesigning your life to live to the fullest potential is what the Life Transformation Academy is about. Again, you're not here by chance.

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Life waits for nobody!

The path to a new life is closer than you might think. The Life Transformation Academy will guide you as you create exciting and reachable goals in the most important areas of your life.

Learn How To...

Exercise the Right Way

Make Healthy Food Choices

Create Work-Life Balance

Increase Productivity

Progress Your Career

Develop SMART Goals

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  • Course Overview FREE PREVIEW
  • How to Complete This Course FREE PREVIEW
  • What to Expect & Accomplish FREE PREVIEW

Week 1 - Fitness

  • Fitness Assessment: Where are You Now? FREE PREVIEW
  • Fitness Fundamentals FREE PREVIEW
  • Week 1 Review FREE PREVIEW

Week 2 - Fitness

  • Personal Training
  • Homework: Your Fitness Goals & Tracking Progress
  • Week 2 Review

Week 3 - Nutrition

  • Nutrition Assessment: Your 3-Day Food Log
  • Nutrition Fundamentals
  • Week 3 Review

Week 4 - Nutrition

  • Making Changes to Your Diet
  • Homework: Changes for This Week
  • Week 4 Review

Week 5 - Home Life

  • Home Assessment: What's Happening at Home?
  • What a Happy Home Life Looks Like
  • Week 5 Review

Week 6 - Home Life

  • Creating Change at Home
  • Homework: Improving Your Relationships
  • Week 6 Review

Week 7 - Work Life

  • Work Assessment: Time at Work
  • Office Habits & Changes
  • Homework: Creating Professional Success
  • Week 7 Review

Week 8 - Bringing Everything Together

  • A New Life Outline
  • Week 8 Review

Conclusion - What's Next?

  • Starting Your Journey
  • Continual Progress
  • Course Conclusion

About Your Instructor

Jonathan Griffith

Jonathan Griffith

More about me

Jon Griffith is the owner of Max Fortitude Fitness, author of The Life Renovation Project, personal trainer, firefighter, and former U.S. Army infantryman. He has gone from being 50 pounds overweight, completely broke, and struggling with the transition to civilian life to making it a life mission to help as many people as possible make their own transformations.

Jon's personal experiences around the world have helped him to understand and uncover the root issues that lead many to live unhappy lives. His role is to help unearth those issues within yourself to help correct your problems at the source.

After going through the dark period in his life, Jon went on to earn a Master of Business Administration degree with honors in addition to a Bachelor of Exercise Science degree.

Jon looks forward to sharing the life tactics and strategies that have helped turn his own life around with you!


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